The Benefits of Semi-Private Training

Do you want to work out with the guidance and support of a coach but don’t feel you need constant supervision?

Never Train Alone

Semi-Private Training means one coach for every five people in the gym, keeping you safe and giving you the support of a personal trainer – when you need it. You will feel comfortable working out independently whilst knowing a Coach is there to provide the guidance you need to become more confident in the gym.

Meet Your Dedicated Coach

At Dynamix, you’ll always walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do. As a member, you are assigned a Dedicated Coach who will work with you to develop a personalized training program tailored to your fitness goals. Weekly check-ins make sure you are on track with your program and hold you accountable for getting into the gym on even the toughest of days. Monthly program updates mean your workouts evolve with your progress in the gym.

On Your Schedule

At Dynamix, we make it easy – our training sessions begin every 30 minutes so whatever the day throws at you, there will be a slot to suit your schedule. The stress of finding time to work out leads to often de-prioritizing exercise, and we don’t like this. Our timetable work around your busy life.

So why not try semi-private training and be part of a supportive community that wants you to succeed, giving you all the benefits of a personal trainer but without the huge price tag?

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