Invested in your physical fitness but not doing anything for your mind? You may be missing out.

More and more people are turning to mindfulness practice to help them de-stress, re-balance, and really tackle what’s most important to them.

Since 2010, Mindspace has been the city’s leading organization for mindfulness training. Dr. Joe Flanders, along with the Mindspace team, has developed Montreal’s first mindfulness-based coaching to be offered in a health and wellness club. The goal: to train your brain to be strong, fit and resilient. Much like physical exercise, mindfulness requires practice and repetition to ultimately improve your mental fitness, and overall well-being.

Studies have shown that a regular mindfulness practice can:

  • Reduce the negative impacts of stress, and the tendency to ruminate unproductively
  • Improve your focus and working memory
  • Help you to better manage emotional reactivity

The best part? Research has also shown that mindfulness practice can help increase the benefits of physical exercise, and that physical exercise can be a great launchpad for a rich mindfulness practice. Reserve your spot in a class to get that positive feedback loop cooking.

Our classes

Body&Mind 30/30

Join a small group for a 30-minute workout led by a Dynamix coach, then balance things out with the Mindspace team leading you through a grounding 30-minute meditation. Upgrade your body and your mind, all in 60 minutes.


Break the ice – our mindfulness sessions await you. In these 45-60 minute sessions, you’ll learn how to meditate, how to respond more effectively to stress and how to better connect to the present moment. Practice makes presence; let’s get to it.