Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of experts, prepared to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Meet Our Team

Discover the individuals behind Dynamix—our team of passionate professionals dedicated to guiding and supporting you through your fitness journey. Get to know our experienced coaches and wellness experts committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness aspirations.

Yara Jabre


As a physiotherapist, Yara’s focus is on helping clients to understand the lifestyle factors contributing to their pain and providing them with the tools to manage it better to get back to their regular routine. With a passion for strength training, Yara uses a treatment approach incorporating traditional gym exercises to improve her patients’ strength and endurance to reduce their chances of re-injury.

Yara enjoys fitness training, gardening and exploring Montreal’s epic food scene.


BSc. in Rehabilitation Science – McGill University
MSc. (Applied) in Physical Therapy – McGill University

Maria Molano, Trainer at Dynamix

Maria Molano


Maria is passionate about personal training, with her most recent experience being as a coach at Crossfit Unbounded in Miami, Florida. In her free time, Maria coaches youth volleyball. In 2019, Maria was the Dawson College women’s volleyball MVP. Maria also enjoys Olympic weight-lifting and working with clients to improve their sports performance.

Maria’s personal mission is to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


BSc. in Athletic Therapy (in progress) – Concordia University

Jonathan Rafail, Personal trainer at Dynamix

Jonathan Rafail


For the past five years, Jonathan has dedicated himself to being a personal trainer, amassing above 5000 hours of one-on-one training sessions. His primary emphasis is on prioritizing quality over quantity. Jonathan is passionate about a training approach that places importance on promoting health, longevity, and sustainability.

Beyond the fitness world, Jonathan finds joy in cooking, gaining knowledge about interesting trivia, and indulging in video games while tuning in to a variety of podcasts.


Certified Personal Trainer – YMCA

Francis Parenteau, Trainer at Dynamix

Francis Parenteau


Francis has worked in several gyms in Montreal as a personal coach. Currently, Francis is teaching “Health & Exercise Assessment in General Populations” at Concordia University. As an elite hockey player, Francis played for the Holderness prep school in the United States.

Francis is passionate about developing personalized programs that ensure that his clients achieve their fitness goals.


BSc. in Exercise Science – Concordia University
PhD. in Health & Exercise Science – Concordia University

Natalia Prieto


Natalia is an accomplished soccer player and plays competitively at AA and AAA levels in Quebec. An all-around athlete, Natalia also plays volleyball and is a certified lifeguard. With soccer always on her mind, Natalia enjoys working with clients to improve their endurance levels so that they can perform in any sport.

Natalia’s passions also include travelling and learning about digital marketing.


BSc. in Athletic Therapy (in progress) – Concordia University

Kailee Yersh


Kailee’s love for the gym and hydro fitness developed at a young age when she swam competitively in Montreal. She now combines her passion for the water with a love of CrossFit by coaching our members and teaching Hydro Circuit classes every week.

Outside the gym, Kailee also enjoys spinning and yoga.


BEd. in Physical Health & Education (in progress) – McGill University
Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Andrea Naday, Hydro Fitness Trainer at Dynamix

Andrea Naday


Andrea has over 8 years of teaching experience in swimming, diving and lifeguarding.

She loves the outdoors and enjoys playing volleyball, surfing and swimming. As a foodie, she likes trying different cuisine and loves exploring Montreal’s varied restaurant scene.


BSc. in Athletic Therapy – Concordia University
Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C)

Nancy Faraj, RD.


Nancy has extensive experience working as a nutritionist in the health and fitness industry. Nancy adopts a holistic approach with her clients that includes a balance of nutrition, hydration, activity, and lifestyle, creating plans that are easy to follow and that deliver real results.

Passionate about exercise and fresh air, Nancy enjoys biking, swimming, and weekends at the cottage. She is also an Ultimate Frisbee player and coach and speaks 5 languages.


BSc. in Dietetics – University of Hawaii
MSc. in Nutrition – University of Hawaii
BA. in Languages – Concordia University
Member of the Order of Professional Dietitians of Québec

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