Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of experts, prepared to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Meet Our Team

Discover the individuals behind Dynamix—our team of passionate professionals dedicated to guiding and supporting you through your fitness journey. Get to know our experienced coaches and wellness experts committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness aspirations.

Yara Jabre


Yara is passionate about helping others by improving their strength and confidence in their bodies. She started her fitness journey at a young age and has since been driven to better understand the human body and all its capabilities.

Yara completed her Masters in Physical Therapy at McGill University. She has experience as a strength and conditioning coach and has been applying her knowledge to help people bridge the gap between rehab and performance. Her specialization in pelvic floor rehabilitation gives her a unique position to help active people get back to lifting weights and running without feeling limited by their symptoms.

She prioritizes an approach that’s collaborative and tailored to people’s lifestyle. Her ultimate goal is to help people move without fear and help them regain confidence in their body to live their best unrestricted life.

Maria Molano


Maria is a strength and conditioning and nutrition coach and athletic therapy student. She played all kinds of sports through the years but specialized into volleyball at high levels through highschool. She also has a crossfit and weightlifting background as that was her introduction to strength training.

As an athletic therapy student in her last year, Maria has a deep understanding of the body and movement and is committed to helping individuals of all levels fall in love with exercise, regardless of their starting point. She also believes in the power of nutrition as a cornerstone of wellness and athletic performance, hence why she got her nutrition coaching certification with Precision Nutrition.

Whether it’s enhancing general wellness or achieving peak athletic performance, Maria is equipped with the expertise to support diverse populations in reaching their goals.

Jonathan Rafail, Personal trainer at Dynamix

Jonathan Rafail


For the past five years, Jonathan has dedicated himself to being a personal trainer, amassing above 5000 hours of one-on-one training sessions. His primary emphasis is on prioritizing quality over quantity. Jonathan is passionate about a training approach that places importance on promoting health, longevity, and sustainability.

His clientele primarily consists of the general population, whom he guides with unwavering dedication towards their fitness goals. Jonathan derives immense joy from witnessing his clients’ progress and is committed to sharing his fervor for health and wellness with anyone willing to embark on a transformative journey.

Francis Parenteau, Trainer at Dynamix

Francis Parenteau


Francis has worked in several gyms in Montreal as a personal coach. Currently, Francis is teaching “Health & Exercise Assessment in General Populations” at Concordia University. As an elite hockey player, Francis played for the Holderness prep school in the United States.

Francis is passionate about developing personalized programs that ensure that his clients achieve their fitness goals.

Natalia Prieto


Natalia is deeply involved in sports, having competed in running, swimming and volleyball, but specialized into soccer playing at a high level. She is driven by a desire to assist others, having earned certifications as a lifeguard and massage therapist.

Currently pursuing a degree in athletic therapy, Natalia aims to work with elite athletes, enhancing their performance and assisting in their recovery from injuries.

She is also passionate about coaching strength and conditioning, finding joy in helping individuals discover their strength, push their limits, and improve their overall health.

Deusdedit Mutima


Deus is dedicated to aiding individuals in unlocking their body’s full potential through fitness. His passion for this mission began in his youth, driven by a deep interest in the capabilities of the human body.

In his role as a coach, Deus has explored various disciplines such as strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting, discovering his niche in guiding others toward optimal performance. His coaching philosophy prioritizes enhancing movement, building strength, and fostering limitless living. Deus aims to instill confidence in individuals to tackle challenges such as lifting, running, and moving with assurance. His ultimate objective is to empower individuals to become the finest versions of themselves, both internally and externally.

Xiao-Yi Hernan


Sirdreek Bailey


Andrea Naday, Hydro Fitness Trainer at Dynamix

Andrea Naday


Andrea has over 8 years of teaching experience in swimming, diving and lifeguarding.

She loves the outdoors and enjoys playing volleyball, surfing and swimming. As a foodie, she likes trying different cuisine and loves exploring Montreal’s varied restaurant scene.

Sam Krespine


Having boxed since the age of 14, Sam dedicated a full decade to refining his skills within the ring, mastering the intricacies of the sport. Fueled by a profound passion, he transitioned into coaching, generously imparting his expertise and insights over the course of the last two years. For him, boxing surpasses its status as a mere sport; it embodies an art form—a harmonious blend of skill, strategy, and unwavering determination, cultivated through years of unwavering commitment.

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