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At Dynamix, we are passionate about helping people lead an active lifestyle, whether you are a recreational runner, a crossfit athlete or you simply want to maintain a good quality of life as you age. The uncertainties of rehab can be scary which is why our team is dedicated to giving you the tools and knowledge you need to get you back to what you love confidently.

Our Approach

All our sessions are 1:1 with our physiotherapists. You have time to ask questions, get a better understanding of what’s going on and get guidance on how to perform your exercises.
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    Understand what's going on

    Not knowing what’s going on can be frustrating. During the initial assessment, we listen to your story, discuss your goals, and go through a thorough strength and movement assessment to help you understand what's going on.

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    Create an action plan

    We believe that having a personalized plan with actionable steps is pivotal in someone’s rehab success. This is why at the end of our assessments, we outline a personalized plan with your goals in mind so you have a clear understanding of the roadmap to your goals.

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    Build it back up

    We'll offer symptom management tips and tailored exercises to restore your confidence in movement. With full gym access, we'll gradually strengthen your base, enabling you to resume meaningful activities like playing with grandkids or lifting 300lbs.

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Yara Jabre

Yara is passionate about helping others by improving their strength and confidence in their bodies. She started her fitness journey at a young age and has since been driven to better understand the human body and all its capabilities. 

Yara completed her Masters in Physical Therapy at McGill University. She has experience as a strength and conditioning coach and has been applying her knowledge to help people bridge the gap between rehab and performance. Her specialization in pelvic floor rehabilitation gives her a unique position to help active people get back to lifting weights and running without feeling limited by their symptoms.

She prioritizes an approach that’s collaborative and tailored to people’s lifestyle. Her ultimate goal is to help people move without fear and help them regain confidence in their body to live their best unrestricted life.

Yara's professionalism and patience allowed me to easily trust her advice from our very first session. Yara was very supportive throughout our sessions. I really appreciated the regular follow ups. Her experience helped me get back on my feet with the right tools to protect myself while increasing my performance. Thank you Yara!
Renata Physiotherapy Client
Just got done with 7 months of physio with Yara following a collar bone injury. The whole experience was fantastic, and I recovered much faster than expected. I’m now back to the same level of physical activity I was at before the injury.
Youssof Physiotherapy Client
Yara is professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to getting you back to your activities. Starting with the initial consultation, she curated a detailed and measurable plan, encompassing my overall goals that I wanted to attain from physio. Follow-ups and check-ins were also helpful to monitor my progress, up until our last session together. She also actively listens to any questions you might have and answers elaborately, fostering an overall nice learning environment.
Khristina Physiotherapy Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect for my first physiotherapy session?

The first portion of the evaluation involves a discussion between you and your physiotherapist during which you will have time to explain your story and what you are currently struggling with. They will then be asking you questions regarding your medical history, your lifestyle habits and your goals. The second portion of the evaluation involves a strength and movement assessment where your physiotherapist will be taking a look at your strength and mobility and do all the necessary tests to understand what’s going on. Lastly, your physiotherapist will be recapping all of the findings of the evaluation and how they relate to your symptoms. A plan of care will be outlined to help you understand the roadmap that will help you achieve your goals.

What do I need to wear or bring?

You should come in comfortable clothes that allow you to move and expose the area of interest. You should bring any relevant paperwork related to your medical history including notes from your doctor, imaging results and rehab protocols.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy in the private sector is a direct patient access in Quebec which means that you do not need a doctor’s referral to book an appointment with a physiotherapist working in a private clinic. It might be beneficial to consult with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions that would require a doctor’s care.

Are physiotherapy appointments covered by insurance?

Physiotherapy services in a private clinic are not covered by the RAMQ. However, most private insurance plans cover the costs of physiotherapy visits. The amount covered may vary depending on your plan. Some insurance companies may require a doctor’s referral to cover the physiotherapy services so you should check with your provider to determine the coverage you have and associated conditions.

Can a physiotherapist prescribe me an x-ray?

Under certain circumstances, physiotherapists in Quebec with an appropriate certification are allowed to give an x-ray prescription. If the traumatic injury has happened within 72 hours of the appointment and the physiotherapist suspects a fracture after a thorough evaluation, an x-ray prescription can be provided. 

People with an a-ray prescription issued by a physiotherapist are not billed by radiology clinics. The costs related to the x-ray are covered by the RAMQ.

Do you offer physiotherapy packages?

Yes, physiotherapy packages are available for 6, 8, 10 and 20 sessions. A package recommendation will be made by your physiotherapist during the initial evaluation depending on your issue and your goals.

What are the advantages of opting for a physiotherapy package?

Physiotherapy packages offer several benefits, including consistency in treatment, cost-effectiveness and a structured plan for optimal recovery. Consistency is crucial in physiotherapy for achieving lasting results. Physiotherapy packages typically involve a series of sessions scheduled over a specified period, ensuring regular and continuous care. This consistency helps in reinforcing positive changes and promoting optimal recovery.


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