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Pre and post-operative rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in facilitating a successful recovery journey for people undergoing surgery. In the preoperative phase, physiotherapy focuses on preparing the body for the upcoming procedure by optimizing strength, flexibility, and overall physical condition. Your physiotherapist will also address your expectations for the surgery, offering insights into the upcoming procedure and helping you mentally prepare for the road ahead. This proactive approach can contribute to a smoother surgical experience and enhance postoperative outcomes.
Post-operatively, physiotherapy becomes instrumental in guiding people back to optimal health. Our team will provide you with valuable education on the recovery process, managing expectations, and understanding post-surgical precautions. For the active individual, targeted exercises are integrated into rehabilitation plans to regain strength, mobility, and function.

What we specialize in.

  • Fractures with or without fixation
  • Joint replacements (shoulder, knee, hip…)
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Rotator cuff repair

What to expect.

Whether it’s a joint replacement or an orthopedic procedure, physiotherapy aims to empower people to actively participate in their recovery, ensuring a return to an active and fulfilling lifestyle. With personalized education, exercise programs, and on-going support, we’re here to ensure your path from surgery is as smooth as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Is pre-operative rehabilitation necessary for all types of surgeries?

While it may not be mandatory for every surgery, prehabilitation is beneficial for a wide range of procedures, especially for orthopedic surgeries. Our physiotherapists can determine its relevance based on your specific case.

How soon before surgery should I start pre-operative rehabilitation?

The timing may vary based on the type of surgery, but starting prehabilitation several weeks before the scheduled procedure is common. Our physiotherapists will create a timeline that aligns with your surgical plan.

When does post-operative rehabilitation typically begin?

The timing of post-operative rehabilitation varies depending on the type of surgery and the recommendations of the surgical team. It often starts shortly after the procedure, adapting to the individual’s condition and the nature of the surgery.

Can post-operative rehabilitation help manage pain after surgery?

Yes, post-operative rehabilitation includes strategies to manage pain through exercises, education and temporary lifestyle modifications. The goal is to minimize discomfort, improve mobility, and facilitate a smoother recovery process. Our physiotherapists can give you recommendations on assistive devices and strategies to safely move around and minimize discomfort.

Are there specific exercises to avoid after surgery?

Certain exercises may be restricted initially based on the type of surgery and its demands. Your physiotherapist along with your surgeon will provide clear guidelines on exercises to avoid and gradually introduce activities that promote safe and effective recovery.

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