The Easy Protien Guide

This guide is intended to help you figure out how much protein you need to eat, and where you find this protein!

Instead of always using GRAMS of PROTEIN – I’ve decided to go with PROTEIN PORTIONS instead! So, there are 25 grams of protein in one portion. This means every meal should have 1-2 portions of protein, depending on your needs. Snacks should be 0.5 – 1 portion.

Each page gives you where protein is found. The first page contains plant-based and dairy sources of protein. The second page contains fish, seafood and meat sources of protein. Look, obviously not every food in the world is listed here – I went with the most common, easiest to find and protein-rich sources. You might need to mix and match different protein sources in meals and snacks to reach your needs – which takes a little foresight and planning.

Bon Appetit!


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