Semi-Private Personal Training

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    Your journey starts with a 1hr Fitness Evaluation, where you will discuss your training goals with your personal coach before heading into the gym for a mini-workout for us to establish your flexibility, strength and cardio baselines.

  • 2

    A personalised program will be developed for you, that is easy to follow and based on your health and fitness objectives.

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    You will never train alone. Our coaches are here to support you during every workout.

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    Follow Up

    Your Personal Coach will regularly check-in with you and review your program as needed to keep you on track and motivated.

Reach your goals with
Semi-Private Personal Training

Your personal coach will work with you to build your confidence in the gym, achieving the results you want, at a pace you are comfortable with.

Book Your Fitness Evaluation
Regular check-ins & program updates

Support from your coach, whenever you need it.

Train with highly specialised coaches

Our coaches are highly qualified in all aspects of exercise science and its practical application.

Training that fits with your schedule

All the benefits of a personal trainer without the huge price tag!

Physiotherapy training at dynamix


Our Amenities – the best in the town of Mount Royal

Locker Rooms at Dynamix

Locker rooms

Our locker rooms have everything you need to get ready if you are heading out to meet friends or getting ready for date night.

Sauna at Dynamix

Sauna & steam room

Relax in the steam room or sauna following a workout.

Underground parking

Members have free access to our underground garage included in their memberships.

Fully-equipped locker room

Sauna & steam room

Free underground parking

Cafe & smoothie bar

Gym Memberships

No small print – No hidden fees – No stress.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Personal  Coach

Fitness Evaluation

Regular check-ins

Progressive program updates

Free underground parking

Great staff! Clean gym and great equipment! Semi private training is an awesome approach to fitness.
George Plaras, Member ★★★★★ (November 2022)
Great Gym! Amazing Trainers and facilities. Everyone working there is so kind.
Angelisa Taylor, Member ★★★★★ (March 2022)
I joined the gym and I have to say that it's one of the best decision I made! I have a coach present at my workout programs sessions that the team prepares especially for me. I have a review of my workout program every month or so. Coaches helped me to not be scared on a new machine and patiently explain each move.
Michel Phan Huy, Member ★★★★★ (June 2022)
My experience has been really great. The facility is top notch but what makes it stand out is the people working there and the semi-private training model. Contrary to a regular gym where you pay your yearly membership and then maybe go once or twice, Dynamix focuses on creating a habit of training and proper nutrition by keeping you accountable. They create programs which are well designed, safe and work! Finally the staff are highly trained, competent, professional and friendly! Well done!
Dr. Dan Munteanu, Member ★★★★★ (February 2022)